nurse – my teddy bear got sick!






Yesterday I ran in the evening, sometimes I can not wake up early enough and I run in the evening. I was running down the street and heard the loud shout – ”Ma’am! Ma’am! Ma’am!” Well, I thought that no one would shout to me while I am running. So I decided to just ignore, but shouting continued and got louder. I turned around and saw a man jumped out of his house. I understood that he is addressing to me. Despite the fact that I already ran away, I returned back to find out what this man want from me. While running I was wearing a simple T-shirt and shorts. I went over to the man that he asked me  – ”Do you have a cell phone?” I just do not understand what it was, maybe he wanted to get acquainted or he just wanted my cell phone?  I have simple clothes without pockets, where do I have to hide my cell phone in my bra???? I do not understand, this is very strange! I told him that I do not understand him and ran away. Now it unpleasant to run past his house every day, because I did not understand what he wanted from me. I wanted to buy sexy costume for jogging, but now I think maybe it is not a good idea. 

I have a neighbor, despite the fact that he is already 30, he still lives with his parents. This fact surprised me since I left my parents when I was 17 years old. He has no wife. Recently I drove away from my house by car and just stopped in front of my neighbor’s house. It was evening and what I see? I thought at first that I was still in Holland in the Red Light District. My neighbor undressing in front of the window. I was so confused that even forgot I wanted to go somewhere. You see my life is fun! 🙂By the way I would advise to watch two movies that I really liked. I do not like to watch movies about blondes, because I’m the blonde. 🙂 So I like movies about strong women. The first film – ”Steel Butterfly”. I just fell in love with this movie. Unfortunately the film only in Russian. The girl (15 years old) from the street becomes bait for a serial killer who can not be catch by the police. The girl reminded me of my youth. I, too, was a problem child. Very good movie, you can watch it on YouTube.Another film – American Mary.  It is strange but I liked it!


military pictures

Who can resist the Russian army? 🙂





When I made these pictures, I thought, if I was a military wife, what pictures I would have done for my husband if I want to cheer him up that he would remember me as long as he serves in the Army. So I decided to make posters, all sorts of supporting slogans and wrote them a whole Saturday. Now I know all the military slogans. 🙂 Of course the photos are simple but I made ​​them out of a pure heart. I knew many guys Russian and Americans who were military, so I remembered everyone to imagine what they might like to see on the pictures.





The Orient

vostok1vostok vostok3








Yesterday I bought a big box of strawberries, two packages of  grapes and a watermelon. I wanted to make a watermelon bra. Maybe someone does not like it, but I like to do things with imagination. :))

I bought exotic dancer clothes

blue ropeblue rope1

I ‘ve thought that maybe I take some photos in stripper clothes, but of course I will not be so naked like a stripper, but just create some photos in this style. I bought myself some clothes maybe five days ago ( but the clothes are so beautiful), so today I bought some more. Now I have a few dresses, bras, skirts and so on. For all I paid more $ 100. Well, I buy only to take some pictures, so I do not want to spend so much money, even though the clothes are beautiful, I think all my male followers will be happy. I have blue robe, in front it does not close, all made of lace, but long. I really liked it, in this robe you can get married. :)) Tomorrow I will take a picture of my new clothes that I have already obtained. And I was a bad girl and today I bought more sexy clothes. 😦 My robe look like this!